Who we are

Connecting together works better.

LinkWorld means connecting world better, we hope we can help our clients better connect the world,
whatever from external or internal point of view, through our technology and services.
We're proving the value of connection by matching customers with brands, marketers with results and
influencers with growing revenue.

What we do.

LinkWorld gives brands and retailers the resources and confidence needed to enhance their brand and grow their business. With innovative technology and services, backed up by many years of e-commerce expertise, we connect data and analytics across all performance platforms (channels). Our end-to-end customer acquisition model and solution help our clients take their ROI to new heights.

People and culture

At LinkWorld, we believe that perfect is not a limited resource. That the power to be great is amplified by
 the collaboration and daily execution of our team members around us. We put our greatness
  to work each and every day for our clients and their brands, as well as in our societies.


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